Organic Facial Moisturizer – All Natural Non-GMO Face Cream – Light & Natural Caribbean Coconut Scent – NOW 4 Oz! ORGANIC INGREDIENTS – Anti-Aging – For Women or Men – Will not dry out your skin or leave a long lasting oily residue. Will heal your damaged skin and naturally reverse early signs of aging. Terrific for EVERY skin type, Oily, Dry, Sensitive or Normal – Natural vitamin content nourishes and improves overall health and condition of your skin. NO: Sulfates, Pthalates, Parabens, Or Dyes

Enjoy applying this deliciously sweet organic Non-GMO facial moisturizer to your beautiful face. Our Caribbean Coconut Scent is gentle and mild and not over-powering and the scent will dissipate within a few minutes after application. Our moisturizer


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